Frequently asked questions

How much is it to train?
Costs are all on our “prices” page.

What should I wear?
You will need to wear comfortable clothes – shorts and a training t-shirt. No shoes on the mat. 
Note: You will sweat training Muay Thai, so if you can, bring a change of clothes (at least a fresh t-shirt and some deodorant) you should. 
We have Male & Female changing rooms.

Do you have showers?
We have one shower.  It is more suited for private lesson students who come in during the day and need to go back to the office feeling fresh. Unfortunately having 30 people all wanting to share one shower after a class isn’t convenient, so it is only reserved for private lesson students.  That said, if you do use the shower, please leave it the way you would expect to find it.

What equipment do I need to start training?
Nothing. Just yourself.   We have all the equipment you will need for your first few weeks & months training, including; skipping ropes, bag gloves etc.  You can look to invest in your own rope & gloves whenever you’re ready. We can order these for you, but with online ordering nowadays, you’re likely to get better deals online. For recommendations, speak to your friends and more experienced people in the gym.

Do you have a uniform?
We do, although this is not strictly enforced.  We do have gym branded shorts in stock, and hoodies/t-shirts are available upon request.
Our gym colours are predominantly black with red and white highlights, so we prefer you to aim for these colours if you are buying your own equipment.

What age can kids start training?
We usually say from 5 onwards, but children develop at different rates so it really depends. Feel free to come and watch a class first and see, there is absolutely no pressure for any child to start, we try to keep training fun, but disciplined for youngsters.

Are you guys PCB Checked.

Can I just come to the gym and train on my own?
Unfortunately unsupervised training is open to instructors only.
There are occasions where instructors & fighters may open the gym for freestyle sparring or training sessions. 
Keep an eye on our Social media for these.

Do you offer diet plans?
We can offer general advice, however for specific diet plans we would recommend speaking with a dedicated nutritionalist.

Do you train MMA?
We don’t teach MMA, although MMA fighters are welcome to train and brush up on their “stand up” skills.

Can you make me a fitness plan?
This is not something we specialise in… although we tailor training specifically when fighters are in training for a fight, our more general advice is to eat well, train hard, and get plenty of rest.

I have trained in another Martial Art, will this help?
There’s no short answer to this… yes and no.
If you’ve already dedicated yourself to training, or learning any martial art, then that’s obviously a good thing, but then not all Martial Arts are strictly compatible, so if you have trained in another form, then you may have some “bad habits” in terms of adapting to Muay Thai, which can be difficult to change or adapt to your advantage. The short answer is to just come and see how you get on. Adapt and improve!

Can I train at other gyms?
Yes, no problem at all.

Can I pay you tomorrow/next week?

How often should I train?
It depends on your aims.  Three times a week is a good amount to aim for if you’re just interested in losing a little weight and gaining some strength & fitness. But if you’re here just to learn a few skills and get a little stronger, we’re not counting. You have to count on yourself! 
We advise that people training to an intermediate level perhaps looking at joining sparring classes and looking to compete should be topping up their Muay Thai classes with a good few runs (and maybe regular gym sessions) in the week where you can fit them in.
For our fighters, we expect total commitment.  7 Days a week, twice a day!

Wow! Fighters need to train every day?
Yes.  Although that doesn’t mean every day they’re going to be doing punishing, hard workouts… there will be a couple of days in there where a steady, light run and some light technique work are the order of the day.  Something to bear in mind even if you’re new to training… Thai Boxing can be strenuous on the body, so you should supplement your hard workouts with “tick-over” workouts to keep your body active.

I’m more of a street-fighter, to be honest with you…
Yeah, perhaps this isn’t for you then, Tyson.
Jog on!

Oh wow, you really know Scott Quigg?

Do you think you could beat “x” in a fight?
Go away.

I mean, this one time, I had this fight, and this guy came at me and I did this thing where… anyway, ten of his friends joined in and I beat them all… I’m not sure if I should be doing the basics class.
We stopped listening to you ages ago and are trying to get away from you.

GFC Team at our Fight Show November 2019